About Whee Good Stuff

Dear readers,

Whee Good Stuff is a consumer awareness project by David — founded in 2016. Intended to raise and answer questions, as well as promote aware discussion related to the consumer goods industry.

The idea gave birth from being called a nitpick consumer. Instead of annoying friends about my passion about well researched and aware purchase decisions — I discovered the joys of blogging. Surely, I can find many like-minded people online, who are pondering similar questions and demand answers to truly understand how companies operate and what kind of products they make.

I truly believe, that making smart consumer choices has many benefits to fight against our over-consuming lives as well as promote minimal, environment friendly and useful ways of living. When not traveling — David can be found from his home city of  Cologne (Köln), Germany.

Please! There may be affiliate links present on this site which can convert to monetary benefit that supports the author financially. Thank you.

Without further ado — let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of good stuff!

Warmest Regards,
David Abt